Why Choose Us?

So, you’re looking for a solution that can give you the evidence to show your tenants that you are driving footfall, sales and dwell time in each individual store?

Do you need a solution that has indisputable evidence on the effectiveness on your marketing activity for you centre and tenants? Do you need a solution that will measure and increase customer loyalty to your centre and tenants?

We can provide a shopping centre management platform that can resolve all your problems, and Péarlaí doesn’t make empty promises, we deliver guaranteed results.

Péarlaí Guarantees to Make Centre & Retail Managers Jobs Easier

When you enter a tenant meeting, it’s common that the first few points on the agenda will include showing evidence of your marketing activity and how it has increased footfall into your centre and your tenants stores. Then a little further down the list, you’re probably asked what the plan of attack is for the weeks and months ahead.

Péarlaí can supply you with all the information you need and enable you to answer those commonly asked questions immediately through one easy to use shared dashboard. Your tenants can see how many VIP shoppers have registered, how many selected their store as a favourite, the demographics of their VIP shoppers and concrete evidence on the number of customers that entered their store after receiving an SMS from Péarlaí, this is what we classify as a conversion and we currently have an average conversion rate of 27% across all the shopping centres currently using our system.

Péarlaí Guarantees to Increase Footfall & Sales

Our Customer Engagement platform offers retailers a fresh and effective marketing channel. We can ensure your promotional ads and messages reach shoppers that have specifically selected your centre and individual stores as favourites on their account, and those messages will reach the shoppers when they are actually in your centre.

SMS messages have an average open rate of 98% and statistics from our current clients show that we provide an average conversion rate of 27%.

You can also use the analytics gathered through the shared dashboard and integrate the findings into your company’s marketing strategy. It makes sense if you can get an insight into the demographics of your most loyal customers like age, gender, postcode, marital status and other relevant information, then it makes it easier for you to attract them back to your store with relevant offers as well as entice like-minded customers.

Péarlaí Guarantees to Save Your Shoppers Money

Péarlaí VIP’s receive all year-round discount from hundreds of retailers in multiple locations just by showing their VIP smart fob. VIP’s also receive unique personalised alerts and discounts from their favourite selected participating stores whilst in your centre. Péarlaí guarantee VIP’s all year-round discount from 30%+ of your retailers meaning they will always save money thus creating loyalty to your centre and retailers.

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