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Péarlaí uses world leading patented RFID technology to help you accurately monitor people and assets. Péarlaí’s small readers which are discreetly installed in minutes by simply plugging into a power socket and connecting to your Wi-Fi in your site immediately identify Péarlaí tag’s within a 100m range.

Péarlaí’s user-friendly dashboard was designed with the advice and guidance of our end users and enables you to view and download all the relevant the data you need in seconds, while creating bespoke automated alerts specific to your business.

How it Works

Our Technology

Simple Installation

Péarlaí’s readers (smaller than the average mobile phone) are easily installed by plugging into a normal power supply and connecting to existing Wi-Fi supply (No Wi-Fi access solutions also available) and they are operational immediately. Simple!

Our Technology

Staff / Asset Registration

Staff and assets are easily registered and immediately identified within a facility management client site. For our retail solution shoppers complete a quick online registration process providing the required information. Their VIP fob is then activated by the relevant staff member when collected all completed within minutes.

Our Technology

The Tag

Péarlaí’s unique sleek tags are smaller & lighter than a packet of wriggles chewing gum and easily carried or attached to assets. Staff wearing a tag as a name badge, key chain or on a lanyard never have to tap or scan anything as their tag is automatically identified by Péarlai readers when they enter a zone.

Our Technology

User Friendly Dashboard

Péarlaí’s dashboard is continuously advanced on the advice of our clients, everything developed has been the product of clients requests and advice. The dashboard is extremely user friendly and clients have said they understood and navigated everything within an hours training. Péarlaí work with our clients to ensure they can view the data and reports they need to within seconds.

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