How It Works

Install Plug & Play Readers

Patented small plug and play readers are discreetly installed throughout your shopping centre or retailers. Readers require a power supply and connection to an existing Wi-Fi, no new wiring is required. Identify your VIP shoppers as soon as they arrive on site and accurately monitor their movements everywhere in your centre..

Consumer App

VIP Shoppers complete an online registration where they complete their basic demographic details and their shopping preferences..


Shoppers collect their unique VIP smart fob and begin receiving personalised alerts and discounts via SMS. Shoppers will receive messages from the favourite retailers they have selected while they shop as normal. Péarlaí is now passively monitoring their behaviour through the centre and stores.

Data Collection

Centre management and retailers have access to detailed demographic and behavioural data which is available to download in real time from their user friendly and bespoke dashboard.

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