How can i contact Péarlaí if i have any other question or suggestions?
You can email us @
I'm not receiving any texts?
Péarlaí only sends 3 text messages per visit and one per tenant per week so you may have already received all you text messages in a 7 day period.You may have only selected a small number of shops to receive text from and have already received them this week.Your VIP Fob may be buried at the bottom of your bag or covered by something in your coat and is difficult to be picked up to enable us to send messages.Your VIP fob may be on a key chain with a car fob which opens your car when you walk up to it. Those car fobs work on a similar frequency and can cancel out your VIP fob.You may have left your VIP fob at home which means you will not receive text messages.Your VIP fob may be faulty and if not damaged after being issued can be replaced for free if within a 30 day period of being issued.
What happens if i lose my VIP fob?
You can purchase a new one from the centre customer service desk at any time without having to complete an application by simply providing your mobile number. Your old VIP fob will be made inactive.
How do i redeem my free loyalty parking?
You simply have to show the text messages you received on the day you received it at the parking desk where they will take note of unique code and issue your free parking.