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Boost Donations, Funds and Engagement

Never has it been more important for charities like yours to effectively raise funds and engage with charity supporters. And it’s vitally important that every single pound spent on engagement, fundraising and marketing is working for your charity.

Spending money on TV ads, radio campaigns and billboards do have value, but they do not help you to understand supporter behaviour and identify store-visit frequency. Pearlai’s world-leading, automated engagement technology allows your charity to learn more about who your loyal supporters are.


Target the Right People

Create individual campaigns to send to specific demographics; Pearlai’s smart technology identifies your VIP supporters as soon as they are in the vicinity of your charity store.

  • With a 98% SMS message open rate, Pearlai’s intuitive software and detailed data insights help you understand your supporters by categorising data by age group, location, gender, store-visit frequency and much more.
  • You can help transform your non-profit organisation by , increasing footfall to your charity stores, increasing dwell times, and most importantly increasing conversion rates,. Based on current statistics Péarlí's platform offers an average conversion rate of 27%

Who Can Benefit from Using Péarlaí?


Jane is 38, married, and lives close to the store. Jane registers online and receives a charity-branded key fob to attach to her car keys.

After registering, Jane is now a VIP Supporter and starts receiving customised SMS messages with loyalty discounts and special offers when she is in the vicinity of the charity store. Jane visits the store more regularly after receiving engagement messages and your charity increase sales and rewards loyal supporters.


Tom is 19 years old and has shown great enthusiasm in supporting your local charity store in recent years.

He always makes himself available when notified about local fundraising events, and no challenge is too big for him. Your charity store decides to organise a skydiving event to help raise some vital funds. Although, it’s a big ask for supporters to come forward and make themselves available to take the leap. Through Péarlaí’s platform you’ll be able to identify ideal volunteer candidates like Tom, and ask him to participate in the fundraiser. This is a much more effective channel, rather than relying on general advertising and waiting for candidates to come forward. You can now easily measure your ROI with our straightforward data breakdown from marketing campaigns, and you will never spend a penny more than you have to.


How it Works

It’s easy to set up Pearlai with four simple steps. What’s more is that no new wiring is required, our readers only need a power supply and connection to an existing Wi-Fi.

Simple Installation

Pearlai’s patented small plug and play readers are discreetly and strategically installed throughout your individual charity stores.

Online Registration

VIP supporters complete an online registration which includes their basic demographic details and VIP preferences.

Send Alerts

Your supporters collect their unique VIP smart fob and receive personalised alerts and discounts via SMS as frequently as they would like.

Accurate Data

Your management team have access to detailed demographic and behavioural data, available real-time from your user-friendly dashboard.

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